Day 3   May 30   83 Miles
Think about bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world.
                                                                                                       Grant Petersen

The highlight of the day occurred when we rode into Brunswick for our first rest stop.  I was completely surprised to see signs of "Go Larry" and "Ride Larry Ride."  Good friends Lynda and Dan Hall who live in the area held the signs to cheer me onward.  They definitely were the hit of the rest stop.  Then, they offered to pick me up at the end of the ride and take me home with them to a nice shower, clean laundry and a very comfortable, warm bed.  I asked Lynda, "Are you an Angel?"

The day's route took us over hill and vale, along winding streams, beautiful lakes and countless picturesque farms.  Some obviously were working farms but a large number were so impeccably manicured, neatly fenced and phenomenally beautiful that they had to be gentlemen estates.

We missed one turn and rode a mile out of the way.  However, another mile to return and we were back on course.  That wasn't too bad!

After the second rest stop in late afternoon, the rain began.  Cold and hard.  We were quickly soaked to the bone but had no choice to traverse the final 20 miles in the wet.  However, the prospect of the evening with Lynda and Dan encouraged me to keep pressing over the slippery, pot holed roads and, amazingly, I was the first rider to the campground.  A friend previously had exhorted me to "Lead the pack" but I never thought I actually would.

Their hospitality in those conditions was so welcome.  Warm shower and bed, clean dry clothing and an excellent breakfast before driving me the one hour back to the start of the next day's ride.  I never will be able to repay them.  Thank you Lynda and Dan!

Tip:  Never ride with ear buds.  While the tunes may sound good, you cannot hear traffic.