BAR HARBOR, ME
 April 22, to May 26, 2018
    2241 Miles    

Having pedaled across the Northern Tier, Pacific Coast and Southern Tier for Bike the US for MS over the last few years, it is now time to tackle the Atlantic Coast and complete the perimeter of the United States. 

The Atlantic Coast ride is a reasonable 2241 miles but it is scheduled for only 35 days with a miserly 3 days of rest interspersed toward the first few weeks of the ride. Indeed, there will not be a rest day among the last 11 days of riding--And that is where the hills will be steepest. However, if it were not a challenge, the satisfaction of completion would not be as great. 

Who's idea was this anyway?

When we start riding in St. Augustine, the northern temperatures will still be quite cold. However, by the time we arrive in Maine around Memorial Day, it should not be as inclement in that northern area. Only cold and miserable; not absolutely unbearable! Moreover, the April weather in the southern states will not be as hot and humid in late April as they would be if we started the ride in summer. So it is not all bad.

We will hug the Florida Coast initially but then move inland through Georgia and South Carolina. In North Carolina, the ride again heads for the coast to traverse the Outer Banks and pass through Kitty Hawk. That monument will be of special interest to me. As long as man has walked the earth, he has envied the birds to fly. However, it was only in the century in which we were born that man finally was able to accomplish that feat.

The ride then moves inland again up through Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and finally along the Maine Coast to Bar Harbor. 

Bike the US for MS utilizes maps from the Adventure Cycling organization which direct us over lesser used roads.  Safety is a major consideration and many of the roads enjoy wide shoulders and bike lanes. Every rider will wear a helmet with rear-view mirror. All bicycles will contain bright lights pointed rearward and riders are encouraged to wear high visibility clothing.  

It should be an extremely challenging and fun ride! I will update the website once each week to let you know how it is going. 

If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough.
                                        Ellen Sirleaf, First Female African President