The Southern Tier bicycle route stretches 3,192 miles from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL.  From sea to shining sea.  It encounters mountains and flatlands, deserts and forests, heat and cold, myriad unknown difficulties.  Days of sun, cloudless and still, as well as those permeated with wind and rain.  All constitute the challenge of tackling such an endeavor and the satisfaction in completing it.

On the 8th day of September, 19 riders will dip our rear wheels in the Pacific Ocean and head eastward toward the Atlantic.  Once again, this ride will be in support of the Bike the US for MS charity.  Over the last few years, we have observed that Bike the US for MS is operated at minimal expense so the majority of contributions go toward MS research and improving the lives of those afflicted with MS.  This will be my third consecutive year of riding with them and I cannot think of a more deserving charity.  

The average mileage per day will be 69 which is not too intimidating.  However, there will be one stretch of 14 days without a day off.  6 of the days will exceed 90 miles with 10 more over 80.  Out of 52, there will be only 6 days off. Whose idea was it to do this ride, anyway?

One advantage of cycling eastward will be that with each pedal stroke, I will be that much closer to my Florida home.  Nevertheless, it will take over 2 million strokes to reach St. Augustine.  But who’s counting?  

Once again, I will be riding for my sister and several friends who have MS. For Marion, Dolly, Doc, Pam, Evie, Dawn, Susan, Carrie and Zach.  I will be thinking of you as I pedal along the way. 

Thank you so much to those who have donated to Bike the US for MS in support of my ride.  Thanks, also, to all who have said that they will be praying for my safety along the way.  Your confidence in me is very much appreciated and I will try to do a good job for you.  

This should be another exciting and fun ride.  There is no way to anticipate the many adventures along the way but I am seriously looking forward to the challenge.

Set your goals high and don’t stop until you achieve them.
                                                                               Bo Jackson