With the completion of the ride, we can reflect on the highs and lows along the way.   This ride was more difficult than the previous two because of the distances ridden per day.  The Northern Tier average was about 61 and the Pacific coast around 65. However, this ride averaged close to 70 miles per day and, when combined with the heat, I believe it was more tiring.  Another factor was the vibration caused by the Texas roads.  Their rough textured surface is fine for autos but very fatiguing for cyclists. Considering everything, however, the ride definitely was doable and, if we had to reconsider our decision, we would do it all over again.  

​A large THANK YOU to everyone who supported the ride with your Bike the US for MS contributions, to those who offered prayers for me and the other riders and to those who opened their homes to our group for a night.  Some friends and alumni along the way made dinner and/or breakfast and any and all kindness was very much appreciated.  You can be confident that we will pass along the favors to others in the future. 

As recently as the early 90's, there was no medication to ease the plight of someone suffering with MS.  Doctors could only offer something to ease the pain but not to eliminate the symptoms or the progression.  In succeeding years, however, approximately 8 medications have been found to help suppress the symptoms of MS and several other meds are currently in the pipeline.    

Although we had some very difficult days of riding, the apprehension and discomfort were temporary and are now behind us as we rest up in the coming week.  However, those with MS will continue to suffer well into the future.  Hopefully, our ride raised important funds for MS research and also raised awareness so a cure can soon be found.

3,112 Miles
230.5 Hours of Riding
98,567 Feet Total Elevation Climbed
Average Cadence 80 Revolutions per Minute
Average Heart Rate 86 Beats per Minute
2,212,800 Pedal Strokes
1,189,380 Heart Beats
103,730 Extra Calories Burned
(We could eat anything we wanted)

Age is no barrier.  It is simply a self-imposed limitation.
                                                                        Jackie Joyner-Kersey