You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream. 

Last year, I bicycled across the Northern Tier with Bike the US for MS.  It was an amazing experience to complete such a ride to benefit those with MS.  Our team of 20 riders generated over $100,000 for the MS effort which made it well worth every pedal stroke.  It was extremely rewarding to meet many with MS along the way as well as to help some of them with household chores they were no longer able to accomplish.

My sister and several of my friends suffer from MS.  Although cycling itself is very pleasurable, it is many times better to do it for such a great cause. This year I will be riding for Marion, Dolly, Doc, Pam, Evie, Dawn, Susan and Carrie. 

After last year's ride across the Northern Tier of the US, this one should be a piece of cake.  With only 1,775 miles vs. 4,295, it will be less than half of last year's distance.  Previously, we have experienced it in a car and the coastal scenery is absolutely spectacular.  Traveling from north to south offers the best views because you border the cliffs with no cars between you and the sea.  At times, however, it may be difficult to focus on staying upright due to all that phenomenal scenery.  I will have to work on that.

The ride will start August 5 in Seattle and will end 32 days and 1,775 miles later in San Diego.  Certainly there will be steep hills and rain and other unpleasant obstacles along the way but they will only add flavor to the ride. If it were truly easy, what would be the challenge?

Last year, I updated the website every day.  However, that was quite difficult as there were times with no Internet available.  This year, I will do a write-up only once each week so that should work better.  I hope you become caught up in the ride and decide to jump on your bike and pedal some extra miles as well.

Happy riding!