The weather today in Maine was not very good.  The ceilings in the entire Augusta area were 200' overcast  most of the day but they were forecast to clear somewhat by 2 PM.  However, you know how forecasts go.   

We waited until after lunch to leave, thinking we would arrive about an hour after the ceiling lifted to an acceptable level.  Not!  It was still 200 overcast when we arrived in the area.  Fortunately, the airport has a good instrument approach which led us down the glide path and right to the runway.  

Whenever ceilings are very low like that, the wind is usually quite calm so it makes the approach seem almost in slow motion.  Such was the case today so it was much like flying in a simulator.  It is always very satisfying to find the runway exactly where it is supposed to be when you break out of the clouds.

Let us please introduce to you the Red Bearon.  Our task, which we have accepted with pleasure, is to fly the Red Bearon around the world in the style in which he is accustomed.  He felt that a lobster feast would be appropriate while in Maine and we agreed.  We think he enjoyed it but he really doesn't talk very much so we are not certain.
Eat, drink and tomorrow we fly!