Bogarragh and we have left the land of leprechauns, castles  and emerald isles.  And it was a fine time we had. 

We had heard it would be difficult to fly in the European air traffic control system.  However, that was not the case at all.  Although the route of flight consisted of 45 different checkpoints, the most I have ever seen on one flight, the system was very organized and our flight was handled very smoothly.  The GPS was invaluable and, coupled to the autopilot, moved us along the complex course without a glitch. 

After leaving Shannon, we were routed over London, across the English Channel, down through France, Switzerland and then to Italy.  It was interesting to hear the varied accents of the controllers as we passed over each country.  There was an excellent view of London and the cliffs of Dover were really white in the morning sun.  Unfortunately, a low overcast shielded Paris from sight but patches of Alps stood out brilliantly in their white caps. 

As we stand on the balcony of our hotel room about 15 miles east of Genoa, we have the same view of the Mediterranean as did Christopher Columbus over 500 years ago.  We recall that he watched ships gradually sink from view on the horizon and concluded that the world must indeed be round.  We also witness the same phenomenon.  However, we will withhold our conclusion until we see if California comes into view in a couple of months.

It is nice to be back in Italy.  Moreover, seven of the flight legs have been completed which is one-fourth of the journey.  More importantly, little Red is still enjoying himself.
The view from our hotel
Pizza fit for a Bearon