DAY 9   JUNE 5   68.1 MILES
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, quite so worthwhile as messing about on a bicycle.                                                   Tom Kunich

At daybreak, temperatures were in the 40's.  There was a mist on the lake adjacent to our campsite that was so dense you could not see the opposite shore.  A couple of hours later, however, it had lifted considerably and the lake appeared to be smoking as we pedaled off to explore the new day.

Once on our way, the morning sun shone brightly and jackets and warmer gloves gradually gave way to bright colored jerseys and "Lobster" gloves with padding but without fingers.   

After the challenges of yesterday, we were quite pleasantly surprised with shorter rolling type hills.  We still climbed 4,094 feet but sufficient speed could be accumulated on the downhills to help us climb nearly halfway up the next hill.  Everyone enjoyed it much better than yesterday.

The restaurant we had planned for breakfast was closed when we arrived so we rode an additional 16 miles before finding another.  It was worth the wait, however, because the ham and cheese omelet was quite delicious.  Of course, that may have been related to the extra mileage.

As I coasted into the town of Old Forge toward the end of the day, 3 medium size deer ambled nonchalantly across the road in front of me.  They watched me carefully but did not bolt and I was pleased to be able to stop and snap their picture.

The plan was to spend the night in another campground.  However, doing two nights in a row did not excite me, especially with another forecast of temperatures in the forties.  Fortunately, I spotted a good hotel on the lake as we approached the campground.  After loading a few essentials into my backpack, I arranged for a nice warm, dry room at the Waters Edge Inn, only a half mile from the group.  After a good breakfast, I will join the other riders at the first rest stop tomorrow.

Tip:  When riding downhill, due to the increased angle, the oncoming hill appears much steeper than it actually is.