Exercise, no parking problems, high gas prices, it's fun!  Automobiles are expensive, you have to find a place to park and it's not fun.  So why not ride a bicycle?                                                     Stephen Breyer

For our rest day, the Episcopalian Church directly on the square in the middle of Middlebury offered us their entire basement with clean rest rooms and showers.  That sounded slightly enticing but I opted instead for the Middlebury Inn, a nearby hotel.  

The stately Inn is nearly 200 years old but it has been renovated several times and is now an elegant hotel.  Chosen it for its central location to downtown restaurants and shops, I enjoyed two excellent night's sleep in air-conditioned comfort.  During the stay, I was also able to catch up on the website.

Leigh Ann and Jack Hazard, good friends of many years, drove up from CT to visit for a few hours.  We enjoyed a very nice lunch and they also brought along some "Shut Up Legs" cards to place in my map case.  Again, it was so nice to see friendly faces.  Life IS good!

Having the most difficult week of climbing behind us, we are looking forward tomorrow to a leisurely ride in the sunshine.  We take a ferry across the base of Lake Champlain to enter New York where we anticipate spending the next seven days.

But it may be difficult to leave this hotel!   

Tip:  The first rule in bicycling is to be seen.  Wear bright colors such as red, yellow and orange when light is low.