DAY 51   JULY 17   63.8 MILES

Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.
                                                               James E. Starrs

Another spectacular day in Montana!  Everyone wore an ear-to-ear grin as we rode into the first rest stop.  Temperatures were cool but jackets had not been required and a light east wind made everyone's task significantly easier.   

Before signing on to the Northern Tier ride, I queried the head of Bike the US for MS about the advisability of an east to west route when conventional wisdom states that prevailing winds are from the west.  She countered that in summer, winds in the Northern Tier area are usually more northerly or southerly and traditionally, they have not been a major problem on previous rides.  This certainly has held true so far on this years tour.  In fact, we have had the luxury of having fairly strong easterly winds on several occasions.  One would think that the law of averages will catch up to us at some point, however, but there remain only 16 more riding days for it to do so.      

This area of the country contains many historical sites but, unfortunately,  our schedule does not permit time to spend any time to visit them.   I would like to return at a later date and spend more time here.  

We are presently in Blackfeet Indian country.  The Blackfeet obtained their name not from the color of their feet but of their black moccasins which they felt helped them run faster.  My bicycle shoes are black but I do not think they help me to ride any faster.  Maybe it would help if I purchase some black socks.  

Tip:  When riding in the wet, be very careful crossing painted traffic lines, steel surfaces, manhole covers, grates and railroad tracks.  They will be extremely slippery.