Kathryne, ND
Day 41   July 7   80.7 miles

Life is like riding a bicycle.  You don't fall off unless you stop pedaling.
                                                                                        Claude Pepper 

The headwinds finally arrived today.  In previous days, the wind was present but it generally aided us as we rode west or northwest.  Today, however, it was almost directly on our nose for most of the ride.  We knew it was fairly stiff but, after checking my aviation website, I confirmed that it was almost directly from the west at 20 mph with gusts to 29.  But it was a good challenge and we could handle it!   

Today I raced the rain to our destination--and won.  Having breakfast at the hotel gave me an advantage but I was the first rider to each of the two rest stops and also to our destination.  That most likely will be the only time that happens.  

The weather radar showed rain heading in our direction and, shortly after we arrived, the rain did as well.  It is forecast to move through tonight and to be clear and sunny tomorrow.  Our home away from home tonight is the Kathryn Community Center so we will be indoors as the weather moves through.  The total population of Kathryn is only 50 so there is not a Hilton or Hyatt.   

The Tour d' France is presently underway.  Today, we had to ride only 80 miles but the tour riders typically do 120-135.  We can start or finish as we desire and we have rest stops along the way but Tour riders must constantly race each other and they have a platoon of media second guessing their every decision.  Then they must expend each available ounce of energy at the finish and, even then, only a few have any realistic chance of winning.    

Conversely, they are paid handsomely for their work, they have a professional staff of dieticians and coaches and they have adoring crowds encouraging them along the way.  

So I guess we are about even! 

Tip:  Place your tire patch kit and other tools in an old sock before storing them in your saddlebag.  This keeps everything organized and prevents rattling.  Then, when you need to make a repair, slip the sock over your hand to avoid becoming greasy.