DAY 37   4th of JULY   58 MILES

Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia.     
                                      H. G. Wells

Today was another ride completely on a bike trail.  This one was the Central State Trail.  It was much like the Lake Wobegon but over 160 miles in length and about 6 feet wider.  Unbelievably, the wind was on our backs the entire distance.  Everyone flew low and reached our destination by early afternoon.  It is a nice campground on a lake but the gusty conditions made setting up the tents a major challenge.  Fortunately, I found a small motel only a mile away so my tent and sleeping bag will remain in the trailer tonight. 

With today being a holiday, there was considerably more activity on the trail than usual.  Walkers, joggers, cyclists; even a 5K race.  We arrived on that scene shortly after it concluded so, happily, there was no interference from either of our entities.  We again passed several touring cyclists including one wearing several strings of New Orleans style beads strung around his helmet.  I thought it best not to learn his story. 

Alexandria, MN claims to be the Birthplace of America and you may wonder how that could be possible!  As we passed through that community this morning, there was a giant statue of a Viking holding a sign bearing that claim.  Several locals, when asked, had no idea so I was forced to consult Google.  It seems that Alexandria possesses a runestone, a huge slab of rock, with inscriptions detailing a Viking expedition in that area in 1362, long before Columbus sailed to the new world.  Who knows?  It could be!             

When I left home in May, my resting heart rate was 44 beats per minute.  On a typical Florida ride, it averaged around 100 over a 50 mile distance.  Riding somewhat more slowly on this cross-country ride to retain some fuel in the tank, the rate has been in the mid-80's.  That is the reason I became slightly concerned yesterday when I noticed the reading on my heart monitor approaching 180.  Later in the day, when it reached 250, it was felt that some action was required.  So I replaced the battery last night and today, the reading was back to normal in the 80's.     

​We had anticipated 4th of July fireworks tonight but they will take place on the opposite side of town and they do not start until 10 PM.  Some of the younger members of our group undoubtedly will catch them but I will be asleep long before that time.  Tomorrow will be an 80-90 mile day!    

Tip:  When riding, change your hand position every 3-5 minutes.  Each change alters the angle of your back, neck and arms and that is a key to comfort.