DAY 36   JULY 2    MILES

A bicycle ride is a flight from sadness.  
                                               James E. Starrs

The temperature was 52 degrees at 7 AM as we departed the Bicycle Bunkhouse.  Jackets were in order but, with the heat of exercise, they soon were unzipped.  As the sun rose a little later, the jackets were very shortly wrapped around our waists and then placed in the trailer at our first rest stop.   It finally topped out at 72 degrees, far different from any July day at my home in Florida.

The road had little or no shoulder but it did not matter because we rarely saw a car or truck.  In the early hours, if one passed every five or ten minutes, it would have been considered heavy traffic.  

A stiff wind blew from the northeast but fortunately, our route was more westerly today so it helped more than hindered.  Later in the day, it moved around to the northwest but, by then, we had only about ten miles to go.  Surely an adverse wind will catch up to us at some point but we will enjoy the favorable breezes while we can.     

It appeared that some of the fields had not been planted and we had wondered why.  We found that, in some cases, it simply has been too wet to plant.  And now that the land is drying, it is too late.  It is said that corn needs to be at least four feet tall by the fourth of July to be economically feasible.  The planted corn that we saw in this area must grow at least 12 to 18 inches within the next two days and that simply is not going to happen.      

I lead a charmed life!  After today's ride, my friends, Bunny and Brenda, picked me up at the campground where our group was staying for the night.  Bunny had baked incredibly delicious oatmeal cookies for all of our group with an extra stash for myself.  

After introductions all around, Brenda drove us to her beautiful home. On the way, we passed Charles Lindbergh's boyhood home and stopped to take pictures.  Later, husband John barbequed some fabulous chicken and ribs and the four of us had a veritable feast in their beautifully restored farmhouse.  After a good night's sleep in a real bed, they will drive me back to camp in the morning.  Thank you so much Bunny, Brenda and John.   

Tip:  Another very special ride is on South Tropical Trail between Mather's Bridge and the Pineda Causeway.  It is five miles each way or ten miles round trip.