DAY 35   JULY 1   61.1 MILES

Life may not be all about your bike, but your bike can help you get through it.                                                                          Hallman

After three nights in a Hilton Hotel with Sherry, one would think it would be difficult to go back on the road again.  And they would be right.  However, we could hear Seattle calling.  

Early this morning, Sherry dropped me off at the starting point and then entrusted Delta to return her to Florida.  I clipped into the pedals with the other riders and headed north to Dalbo, wherever that is.  

Our route took us on a chain of bike paths up along the Mississippi River.  Whenever one path would end, another would start and we were able to follow them for at least 25 miles.  The natural beauty of the river was very soothing as we pedaled along.  There seemed to be more flooding north of Minneapolis than south of it.  Fortunately, much of the land along the river is parkland so there were no homes affected by the flooding.  At one point, the water covering the bike path was so deep that we had to walk our bikes around it on higher ground.  That was the only place of any consequence to us.  

It turned cooler this afternoon and there was a hint of rain in the air.  It never actually rained but it teased us for about an hour.  Temperatures tonight are forecast for the low 50's but we are fortunate to be indoors.  Tonight's lodging is the Bicycle Bunkhouse in Dalbo.  It actually is a farm turned into lodging restricted to bicyclists.  There is a wide range of accommodations from a bunkhouse or bunkbarn to rooms in the farmhouse and they gave me a queen-size bed in a private room.  Not really roughing it!

The reception we receive because we are riding for the MS cause continues to amaze me.  Many wish they could do this ride but time and physical restrictions do not allow.  Others would like a part in the ride and make contributions of cash and other things.  Last night, Sherry and I had dinner at an elegant Italian restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.  The waitress summoned the manager to hear our story.  They related to our effort very well because more than half of their staff bicycle to work each day.  When we requested the cheque, they appeared together and told us that dinner was free in appreciation of our MS ride.  We were blown away! 

With today being our 35th day, there are only 34 remaining.  The countdown has begun!

Tip:  Once you are comfortable with your bicycle, borrow or purchase a bike rack and drive up to a location like Cocoa Village.  The ride south or north on River Road is 7 miles each way and it boasts phenomenal views!