The secret to bicycling is pretty simple.  The slower you go, the more likely it is you will crash.                                              Julie Furtado

Today was a very different day.  When we awoke, we did not have to don our helmets and ride.  We actually had a day off to rest.  That was an intriguing concept but we actually found it quite easy to adapt.  We will have another rest day tomorrow but I am not certain if we can handle it.  
Today was not completely idle, however.  We had a service project at the home of an MS patient today; a woman who lives by herself.  Things we take for granted are not so simple for some.  She was diagnosed with MS twenty years ago and has planned for her future since then.  She can handle the inside of her home but the outside presents problems.    

Over the years, she has created planters in her front yard to minimize her lawn area.  However, there still is some lawn that needs to be mowed at least twice each summer or she will receive notices of violation from the town authorities.  She can deal with daily life but some maintenance such as cleaning out her roof gutters are beyond her ability.  That is where we came in to help.   

Twelve of us ascended on her home and did whatever we could to help.  She had a wish list and I believe every item was completed before we left.  Some mowed her lawn, some cleaned her gutters, others trimmed the hedges.  Sherry and I helped clean out her garage.  We could not believe the difference between before and after.  We wondered if it was the same garage.     

She was more than extremely appreciative and that was more than sufficient for us.  As happy as she was for the help we offered, we sensed even more fulfillment that we could offer such assistance to someone who was so in need.  It was a win-win all around.    

​Yesterday, I dropped off my bicycle at a local shop for cleaning and servicing.  Today, when we went to pick it up, it was found to require a part available only from a Trek dealer.  We drove over and purchased the part and delivered it to the shop where the bike is being serviced.  Hopefully, it will be ready by tomorrow afternoon.  There is no other option as we absolutely must ride out of here early Tuesday morning.

For many years I have felt that the more you put into something, you receive even more in return.  Today's experience has more than verified that observation.   

Tip:  When the combined high temperature and humidity is over 160, start your ride earlier in the day and finish by noon or before.  Also, drink more than the usual amount of water on those days.