DAY 25   JUNE 21   56.4 MILES

Having ridden a bike, I have a truer sense of the energy required to move things.                                                                   Zach Ferrall

The first day of summer was a great day for cycling.  We had sunny skies and the luxury of a slight tailwind as we pedaled west out of Iroquois.  About two-thirds of our route was westerly with the other third northward.  The wind could not have been much better suited to today's ride.

Prior to leaving town, I stopped at a convenience store for breakfast items.  A customer there questioned me about the MS mission and then stuffed a contribution into my hand.  What a surprise!  I had heard that we might anticipate such a scenario but never thought that it would happen to me.  The contribution certainly is appreciated and will be directed toward MS research.

The effect of various winds is interesting.  While quick to blame headwinds or crosswinds for a reduced speed, we easily explain a faster pace as simply riding stronger that day rather than a possible tailwind  It really does not matter, however, because we must ride in whatever winds we are dealt.

​During today's ride, we crossed several creeks and rivers.  All of them flowing to the Illinois River and eventually to the mighty Mississippi.  Being so far removed, it is difficult to imagine water from one of these small streams eventually flowing past the French Quarter in New Orleans.  

Tonight's campsite is located directly on the Illinois River.  Although it is a beautiful setting, I was very pleased to learn that the lone hotel in Henry had two rooms available.  I only needed one and will stay dry and cool no matter the weather tonight.    

Tip:  Keep your arms aligned with your body rather than splayed out.  This will make you more aerodynamic and you will go faster with no extra energy.