DAY 2   MAY 29   52 MILES
When my legs hurt, I say "Shut up legs! Do what I tell you to do!
                                                                                   Jens Voigt, professional cyclist

The bright sun illuminated my tent at 5:40 AM and I opened my eyes with excitement and anticipation of the day ahead.  Thankful that there was no rain in the forecast, I cleaned up, packed up the tent, and stuffed all of my paraphernalia and belongings into my 30" x 16" by 18" cubicle.   

No one seemed to be in a hurry to depart.  Our campsite was located on a grassy lawn directly on the bay and we were enjoying the environs.  We finally pedaled off around 9 AM and, of course, there was a serious hill within the first 300 feet.  

Today's route took us past Camden Harbor, where Sherry and I once took a tall ship for a week's cruise out through Penobscot Bay.  As we rounded the curve and the bay came into view, we felt a cold blast of air from the icy waters.  The view was worth the discomfort, however, and we stopped to take in the gorgeous sight of the large schooners of yesteryear sitting placidly at anchor.

A highlight of the ride was when several people came up to us when seeing our MS ride jerseys.  They told us that they suffered from MS and thanked us for riding for them.  We had heard that this would happen but you cannot experience the feeling unless it happens to you.  It makes all of the riding worthwhile.  

After a leisurely ride, we finally arrived in Newcastle, our destination for tonight.  A local Baptist church has offered us their building for a more comfortable accommodation than the campground.  A good night's sleep will be required because tomorrow is a 75 mile ride.

Tip of the day:
A  mirror mounted on your helmet or sunglasses allows you to see what is behind you without turning your head and shoulders; a major safety factor.