DAY 17   JUNE 13   59.9 MILES
When man invented the bicycle, he reached the peak of his achievements.                                                         Elizabeth West

Rain showers were forecast for this morning and early afternoon.  Fortunately, however, the weather held through the night and the very early morning.  It allowed us to pack our tents in dry conditions as well.  A slight drizzle was in the air as we pedaled west toward Cleveland.  Light rain jackets easily provided sufficient protection and riding was not at all uncomfortable.  After about 30 minutes, the sun broke through and, over the succeeding morning hours, we encountered only two additional very light periods of the wet stuff.  Again, not a problem.       

​The roads were another story.  In the stretch between Ashtabula 
and Cleveland, the roads were the most pitiful we have encountered thus far.  From large cracks to potholes to near rubble, spaced consecutively.  At times, we were forced to slow to less than 10 miles per hour or risk injury to our bicycles and our teeth.  I wonder how the savings from not paving their roads compares to the additional cost of extra vehicle maintenance for their citizens.

The last 3 days took us along the south shore of Lake Erie.  I was amazed at the number of streets bearing the Lake name.  Lake, Lakeside, Lakeshore, Lakeview.  Road, Avenue, Street, Boulevard, Terrace and more.  Prior to GPS locators, it must have created nightmares for emergency vehicle personnel responding to 911 calls.

After 10 consecutive days of riding, we have arrived in Cleveland for a very much needed and appreciated day off.  After tomorrow, there will be another 14 straight days of riding before another rest day.  The good news, however, is that we are now one quarter of the way to Seattle.  With each day of pedaling, this ride appears more doable!

Tip:  When riding, be careful not to stiffen your arms.  Keep them bent slightly to preclude or eliminate numbness in your hands.