DAY 15   JUNE 11   69.9 MILES

Life is like a ten speed bicycle.  Most of us have gears we never use.
                                                                                Charles Schultz

Our home for last night was a community center in Downtown Buffalo, NY.  Although the accommodations were indoor, they consisted of 2 large rooms with approximately 30 cots laid out in military barracks style.  I sat on one of the cots to check it out.  Then, I quickly found a local Hampton Inn situated only 3 blocks away for a nice, comfortable private room with a king bed and a healthy pancake breakfast.     

Today's ride was somewhat anti-climactic after the Niagara Falls.  What can possibly follow that?  The scenery was exceptional, however, as we rode along the south shore of Lake Erie for most of the day.  The route took us through heavily treed neighborhoods with mini-mansions (and some not so mini) lining the shore.  One home, Greycliff, was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and was open to the public.  I rode in the driveway but, unfortunately, found that the home presently was closed for renovation.  
​Tonight, our home away from home is the Lake Erie State Park, with a view of the lake from our campsite.  Coincidentally, Frank Miller, from whom I borrowed my tent, has a grandson in the Buffalo area and has camped with him in the same park.  So this is at least the second time the tent has seen this campground.  Possibly, for that reason, it seemed to go up slightly more quickly tonight.

A light rain has just started to fall.  I checked and, unfortunately, there is not a hotel nearby.  I am confident, however, that the tent will do its job tonight.  The forecast for tomorrow is for showers on and off all day.  At least we will only have to ride 96 miles!

Tip:  When you anticipate a bump, such as a change in pavement, railroad tracks or otherwise, press more strongly on both pedals, lifting slightly off of your seat.  This will allow your legs to absorb the energy of the bump rather than your bicycle and your entire body.