DAY 13   JUNE 9   53 MILES
Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel.  But ride!
                                                                                             Eddy Merckx

No hills today!  How about that!  The rain passed through during the night and today dawned as perfect as we could wish for.  Sunny and comfortably warm but not too much so.  If we could have dialed the temperature up or down, we would not have touched the thermostat.

Today's part of the path along the Erie canal was in much better condition than yesterday's segment so it was an easy, relaxing ride to Lockport.  The scenes along the canal were quite varied.  We passed an old, historic home that was once a part of the underground railroad during the Civil War.  At other times, there were stately homes backing up to the canal with pontoon boats either on lifts of floating at their dock.  At no time did we see any freight barges, however, and we thought that unusual since freight transport was the original purpose for the canal.     

One of the highlights, however, was a gaggle of geese (I checked and that is the proper term).  At least 20 of them, about half adults and half goslings.  They took quite a while to move across the bikeway and, knowing how protective a gander can be, we had no choice but to wait until they were ready to allow us passage.  It was a pleasant interruption because, colorful and seemingly in command of any situation, there is something special about a goose.  And it is fun to say gaggle in its proper usage.

Our home for tonight is the Warren's Corner United Methodist Church.  The ladies of the church have prepared a gonzo dinner for us with an extra large assortment of desserts and pastries.  None of us will lose any weight today.  Over the last two nights, we have given new meaning to the term "Sleeping in church."  In the past, I have sometimes fought to stay awake in church but tonight sleeping definitely will be encouraged.

Tomorrow, we will ride past the Niagara Falls.  It will be an interesting and exciting experience to see it from a bicycle.

Tip:  Increase your cadence (pedaling speed).  Select a lower gear while retaining the same speed.  Pedaling will be easier and your legs will thank you.  When you purchase a cycling computer, select one with heart rate and cadence capability.  Your eventual target should be 80 to 90 RPM.  The pros spin at 105 to 120.