DAY 1   MAY 28   69 MILES   
The bicycle is a curious vehicle.  Its passenger is its engine.
                                                                                          John Howard

We awoke to 46 degrees and rain.  Not an ideal way to start a ride.  However, the rain stopped by the end of breakfast.  We padded enough layers of clothing to compensate for the cold--and we were off.

After collectively dipping our rear wheels in the Atlantic waters of Penobscot Bay, almost immediately we were confronted with our first hill of the day.  And there would be many more hills.  We are not in Florida anymore.

The temperature climbed gradually into the high 50's and, fortunately, the rain never reappeared.  The scenery was beautiful as it alternated between, verdant forest, quaint villages and rocky coast.  I must become accustomed to the hills as they will be a constant companion over the next 68 days.

Eventually, sailboats in the picturesque harbor of Belfast appeared in our view.  Our home for the night.  Lew Allen, a good friend since kindergarten who now lives in Maine, met me and we drove to a the local lobster pound for a delicious lobster dinner.  

The tent was set up and the first night of camping was upon us.  Time to sleep; for another day of pedaling awaits.     

We have made it through the first day.  Only 68 to go.  We successfully negotiated 70-80 hills with only about 4-5,000 more.  I think we can do this!    

Tip for the day:
When even on a short ride, always wear a helmet.